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Videos Of The Month - April 2016

How do you keep a Videos Of The Month list down to 25 videos? With great difficulty that's how. The month brought another splendid collection of videos by directors of all stripes, at all stages of career experience, and on various budget levels. 

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Ainé ft Sergio Cammariere 'Dopo La Pioggia' by Raoul Paulet

This visually inventive video by Italian director Raoul Paulet uses gifs and multiple screens to tell the story of a love affair from an entirely non-objective viewpoint. And it successfully delivers the effect of a relationship being recalled from memory, with all the flaws, and flights of imaginative fancy that can bring. 

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Club Cheval 'Young, Rich And Radical' by Laura Weaver

Art director Laura Weaver takes a humorous look at her contemporaries in her directing debut for Club Cheval's Young Rich And Radical. She turns their vices into an irreverent anti-drugs and alcohol campaign, using style and visual puns rather than shock tactics. So just say no, young man...

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Jane Bordeaux Band 'Ma’agalim' by Uri Lotan

Tel Aviv-based animation director Uri Lotan has worked on movies for Disney, Pixar and Sony - including Hotel Transylvania 2. Now he's created this delightful promo for Israeli artist Jane Bordeaux's song Ma'agalim, creating a world of activity around a wooden figure in an old penny arcade.

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