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A-Trak 'We All Fall Down' by Nicolas Randall

Here's Nicolas Randall's new short film-cum-video for A-Trak's We All Fall Down, set in a lively Western bar, with a cast of colourful characters. 

After some atmospheric scene-setting - and the appearance of A-Track on the decks – the bar's resident 'cowgirls' all take their turn riding the bar's electric bull. In completely unsuitable clothing, of course...

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Transviolet 'New Bohemia' by Ryan Andrews

Director Ryan Andrews' first music video since joining Kode Media late last year is for the LA electro pop quartet Transviolet's track New Bohemia, and it sees the band's leading vocalist electrifying the viewer with her piercing blue eyes, and harnessing lightning bolts from a couple of stormy clouds that she's holding on a leash.

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DC Breaks 'Breathe' by Tom Gorst

Set in a remote Scottish island community, that is "physically free but mentally restrictive," Tom Gorst's uplifting video for British drum & bass production duo DC Breaks's track Breathe is nicely executed portrait of youthfulness trying to break free.

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Nothing But Thieves 'If I Get High' by Chris Grieder

Actor RJ Mitte - famous for his role as Walter White Jr. on Breaking Bad - plays a mourning son in Chris Grieder's heartbreaking video for If I Get High, timed to coincide with the US release of British alternative rock band Nothing But Thieves' debut album. 

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Lana Del Rey 'Freak' by Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey's directing debut has her taking a Mogadon-paced hippie-era acid trip with Josh Tillman (aka Father John Misty) for Freak, a song inspired by LDR hearing about FJM taking acid at a Taylor Swift concert.

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Your Gay Thoughts 'Spitting Image' by Megan Palero

Graphic design of the Space Age (and Space Age Batchelor Pad) is beautifully remade for the digital age by the talented Manila-based animator Megan Palero, for Slovenian outfit Your Gay Thoughts.

Elements of 50s sci-fi, Saul Bass and Tiki align beautifully to the dreamy 'post-pop' of Spitting Image, from the band's debut album The Watercolors. A delightful piece of work.   

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