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Aquilo 'Good Girl' by Jack King

Jack King has directed this great narrative number for Aquilo's Good Girl, which tells the story of a young female missionary who sets out with her partner to spread the good word but soon encounters the temptations of the outside world. 

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Camerimage 2015: Music Video nominations announced

The Camerimage 2015 Music Videos Competition line-up has been announced. 20 music videos have been selected and nominated for the Best Music Video and Best Cinematography in a Music Video awards, from over 400 submissions and recommendations from all over the world.

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'ZERO-DAY' by Beeple

Mike Winkelmann aka Beeple is a graphic designer and Cinema 4D wizard whose prolific output of colourful, futuristic graphics is out of this world. But Beeple doesn't want you thinking that technological advances, and our huge, ever-increasing dependence on digital technology, is always a good thing. Far from it.

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Drenge 'The Woods' by Max McCabe

"ROCK ON! Cement is the key ingredient in concrete," Drenge's clever new video for The Woods informs us, before going on to announce that cement is the second most consumed substance in the world, after water. And Hope Cement Works in the Hope Valley, west of Sheffield, where this video was shot, consumes 2 million tonees of limestone and shale every year. 

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Videos Of The Month: September 2015

As the squelchy, chilly British late summer turned into glorious, sunny early autumn, a bumper crop of new videos burst forth during September. So plenty to choose from in this VOTM playlist, which includes some expected biggies, and also lots of things from a bunch of promising new directors.

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