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Paloma Faith 'Beauty Remains' by George Belfield

Hot on the heels of winning Best British Female at The Brits 2015 on Wednesday, Paloma Faith teams up with George Belfield for the promo to Beauty Remains - penned by Bernard Butler and Fyfe Dangerfield - from her chart-topping third album A Perfect Contradiction.

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Pandora's Bliss 'Talking To Your Head' by Lee Isserow

Lee Isserow's vibrant, iconoclastic video for Pandora's Bliss's Talking To Your Head is, according to Lee:  "a sideways fairytale of feminist enlightenment, [with] women escaping their respective shackles of objectification and sexualization, a man shedding his asphyxiating chauvinism to embrace egalitarianism."

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Drenge 'We Can Do What We Want' by Ed Lovelace

Ed Lovelace and the Loveless brothers of Drenge team up to revive the dread spirit of A Clockwork Orange for the video for We Can Do What We Want, as a gang of latterday white jumper-wearing droogs - led by Robert Emms (Warhorse, Kick Ass 2) – cause mayhem and terror around contemporary Sheffield. 

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Blur 'Go Out' by Tony Hung

Blur are about to release The Magic Whip - their first album in 12 years - with cover artwork by Tony Hung. And now the designer has also directed the first video from the album.

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The NBHD ft Raury 'Warm' by Dexter Navy

Shot in California's Simi Valley, Dexter Navy's promo for the cool vibes of NBHD and Raury's Warm, is a beautiful, sometimes surreal, sun-scorched and dreamy treatment.

Filming the cast at work and at play, Dexter enhances the overall feel by the use of a natural outdoor setting, filmed in cool monochrome and some easy action slo-mo...

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La Dispute 'Woman (Reading)' by Niall Coffey

In this video for La Dispute's Woman (Reading), Niall Coffey assumes directing duties - he's more usually occupied as producer and 1st AD at Kode Media - capturing dancer Julie Ann Minaai in various locations around London.

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