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Ella Eyre 'Good Times' by Carly Cussen

Ella Eyre's new video for Good Times by Carly Cussen is the perfect Carpe Diem of summery visuals, reminding you to grab a friend, head to Greenwich and make the most of your sunny holidays. Shot documentary style on 8mm film, it shows off Ella's fun-loving side in a playful and cinematic clip for her Drum & Bass fueled summer hit.

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Amaro and Walden's Joyride by Tim McCourt and Max Taylor

Tim McCourt and Max Taylor of animating collective The Line have created two minutes of sheer amusement with Amaro and Walden's Joyride. With music made for the video by Hugo Chegwin and Fred Berry, it follows Amaro and Walden, two mischevious little fellas on a joyride all over London Town.

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The Fratellis 'Baby Don't You Lie To Me' by Libby Burke Wilde

Libby Burke Wilde directed this energetic performance video for The Fratellis' Baby Don't You Lie To Me. Matching The Fratellis’ style with a suitably theatrical location was key according to Wilde, who chose Bush Hall for its crushed red velvet curtains and old chandeliers.

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Talbot 'Voo Circular' by João Seiça

In the video for Talbot's Voo Circular, the relationship between two girls is played over again and again, in a series of upward-moving camera moves, where things in the picture subtly change, and identities are crossed, but are also turned upside down, and the dreamy atmosphere reveals an underlying violence.

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Foxes 'Body Talk' by Virgili Jubero

Foxes just-released Body Talk is accompanied by a video by Spanish director Virgili Jubero, with a cool retro-80s feel. At a neon-lit garage and car-wash, Foxes hooks up with a back-up dancing crew, performing a choreography to lift her spirits.

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Azel Phara 'Green' by Bif

Bif, a directing collective made up of Jules Janaud and Fabrice Le Nezet, have created this mesmerizing video for emerging Parisian electronic artist Azel Phara's track Green, where nature is transformed and humanity is threatened by mass, ultra-colourful weaponisation.

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