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John Newman 'Olé' by Emil Nava

Emil Nava takes good buddies John Newman and Calvin Harris to beautiful Los Cabos in Mexico for Olé.

This sun-kissed clip sees John Newman occupy various gorgeous slices of the picturesque Mexican coastline, accompanied everywhere by beautiful girls - on land, sea, and on horseback, no less.

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Diztortion ft. Melissa Steel 'I’ll Be There' (Beenie Man Refix) by Scott Altman

Scott Altman has directed this richly atmospheric video for Diztortion’s I’ll Be There (Refix) – featuring Jamaican reggae artist Beenie Man, alongside British pop singer Melissa Steel – shot over three days in the suburbs of Lisbon, involving a cast of nearly 100 local people. 

It displays a diverse mix of cultures as they get together for one hell of a street party.


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Homespun Yarns 2016 - four finalists and new venue announced

Homespun has announced the four finalists for their third annual film competition for new and up-and-coming filmmaking talent, Homespun Yarns. Lee Thomas, Thomas Ralph, Thomas James and Jonathan Augustavo are the finalists vying for this year's prize - which includes tickets to this year's UK Music Video Awards in October.

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Billie Marten 'Lionhearted' by Allie Avital

Billie Marten's very delicate Lionhearted gets a counterintuitive, even ironic treatment by Allie Avital. As the slow-moving camera making its way towards Billie, the contents of the room around her are being removed by boilersuited girls. But what initially appears to be appropriately poignant, is just a prelude to something far more destructive.

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Offaiah 'Trouble' by Daniel Brown

With a touch of fantasy and mysticism, Daniel Brown's video for Offaiah's track Trouble sees a cat-and-mouse chase between a police officer and a convict that attempts to make her escape through a Louisiana bayou. Meeting a horned helper that frees the woman from her handcuffs, the woman meets many more stange and wonderful things along the way... 

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