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Shakka ft Chip 'You Don't Know What You Do To Me' by Boris Thompson-Roylance at Deadbeat - now repped by MGA

The director-and-DoP partnership of twin brothers Boris and Jack Thomson-Roylance has come up with this slick, cinematic video for Shakka's You Don't Know What You Do To Me, featuring Chip. And through the vehicle of their production company Deadbeat Films, the Thomson-Roylance brothers are now being repped for music videos by Marisa Garner Associates.

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Zayn 'Like I Would' (Director's Cut) by Director X

Director X blasts Zayn into a new dimension, courtesy of some awesome cyclone laser lights, in his video for Like I Would.

The laser lights were a concept first presented in a Zayn live performance, which X (who recently won a special award at the Prism Prize awards, for Canadian music videos) has taken to another level. 

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Radiohead 'The Numbers (excerpt)' by Oscar Hudson

Radiohead have asked a number of artists and directors to interpret parts of songs from their new album A Moon Shaped Pool for their Instagram account. Oscar Hudson's piece for the last seconds of The Numbers has a young man doing some cleaning in a square room, while it fills up with sand, like a gigantic hourglass.

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Anna Of The North 'Baby' by Peter Pint

Anna Lotterud from Norwegian duo Anna Of The North waits for her phone to ring, and expresses her growing frustration in increasingly unusual poses, in Peter Pint's video for Baby. 

Shot in Lisbon during Anna Of The North's recent tour, the video captures that sense of anguish within a well-considered, studio-bound visual style.

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Subculture Sage 'Gold' by Ricky Patel

Photographer and DP turned director Ricky Patel has delivered this short documentary capturing a glimpse into the daily grind of gold mining in Zimbabwe - doubling up as a music video for London duo Subculture Sage's track Gold. 

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