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Bludwork 'Axiom Voicings' by Michael Booth

Michael Booth has directed this music video for house producer Bludwork, which pairs warm, emotive dance music to a slow-paced, human visuals.

Shot in a Californian hotel, the clip plays out like a mood piece exploring the human gaze and it's inherent intimacy, made up of super close-ups of a man and a woman - staring out the windows as they get dressed. 

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Tender 'Violence' by Jack A. Bowden

The first ever visual from Tender,  Jack A. Bowden offers up a potent interpretation of an alien presence through contemporary dance, dynamic lighting and slick cinematography.

Bowden conveys a presence, which throws a trio of dancers into a recital of uncontrollable, animalistic movement. The magnetism of which is revealed, as it pulls people closer from the outside world.

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Leon Else 'Black Car' by Jordan Bahat

In Jordan Bahat's video for UK artist Leon Else's Black Car, Suki Waterhouse stars as the diner waitress who misses her bus, and then feels compelled to hitch a ride from a stone-faced stranger (played by Else) in the eponymous black vehicle...

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You Me At Six 'Night People' by Brainwash

Directing duo Brainwash - that's Ryan Vernava and Liam Achaibou - have created this electrified performance video sequence, where one piece of footage crash-zooms to the next. 

With oscillating, kaleidoscopic mirror effects, the visual cycles through silhouettes of the band, providing an intensely graphic accompaniment to the pulsating beat of the song. 

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