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The Staves 'Black & White' by Jack Whiteley

In quite a change of direction for a video for folk outfit The Staves, Jack Whiteley has directed this very sharp comedy for Black & White, in which an '80s Australian evening news show goes into meltdown off-camera when the lady newsreader (played by Nell Mooney) discovers, as the programme starts, that her suave co-host is cheating on her with the weathergirl.

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Heymen ‘If I Play Your Game’ By Scott Altman

Italian band Heymen put in a very acrobatic performance in Scott Altman's eye-catching promo for If I Play Your Game.

Scott's video features the band in morphsuits - which they specifically chose themselves to 'differentiate each of the four band members' and a limited edition Hesketh 24 motorcycle - the first to be produced by Hesketh in 30 years - ridden by, erm, a gorilla...

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Disciples 'They Don't Know' by Luke Jacobs

Luke Jacobs is best known as a DoP – in particular for his work on director Josh Cole's videos for Rudimental and others. But now Luke has taken the plunge as a director himself, helming his debut video for London-based production trio Disciples' They Don't Know. 

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