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Will Joseph Cook 'Take Me Dancing' by Raph Emile

With the office to themselves, two colleagues abandon their work. Instead, the pair dance away under fluorescent lights and amuse themselves with workplace antics.

Featuring bold choreography with plenty of charm, this is Will Joseph Cook's second video directed by Raph Emile. 

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AJJ 'Goodbye, Oh Goodbye' by Joe Stakun

Every so often a video comes along that feels like an event: a mammoth undertaking and a huge achievement both technically and creatively. For these artworks, the payoff is virality - and deservingly so. Typically the kings of this have been OK Go, a band so viral they might as well change their name to Zika.

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Louis Berry 'Nicole' by Finn Keenan

Finn Keenan’s second collaboration with Louis Berry results in this super-stylish, VFX-enhanced performance video where an endlessly duplicated Berry develops a smouldering, tango-esque relationship with the girl playing Nicole, the subject of the song. And she keeps multiplying too.

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