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Hurts 'Lights' by Dawn Shadforth

There's love and there's some blood on the dancefloor in Dawn Shadforth's marvellous video for Hurts' Lights - a nightclub odyssey where chemistry explodes utterly believeably between two strangers – the man, played by Theo Hutchcraft (definitely out of his usual ice-cool persona mode), and the feisty girl. And that's just for starters. 

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Imemoi 2015 'Ad Lucem' by TJ Andrade

TJ Andrade has directed Ad Lucem – which is Latin for 'towards the light' – for Paris-based brand Imemoi with music by BAFTA-winning composer Cliff Martinez.

With evocative imagery shot by Andrade himself, a woman (played by Alicia Ruelas) escapes from her dangerous life in the city to the wide open spaces of a dream-like desert...

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Peaches ft Kim Gordon 'Close Up' by Vice Cooler

Peaches, ever up for a challenge, steps in the wrestling ring for some serious lucha action with a bunch of bad mofos, up to all sorts of dirty (and smelly) tricks, in her video for Close Up. Fortunately she has supercool, unflappable Kim Gordon in her corner...

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Aurora 'Murder Song' by Kenny McCracken

Kenny McCracken's minimal, one-shot video for Aurora's Murder Song captures the young singer as she gives an expressive performance of her melancholic little song.

The video is touching in its softness and elegance, with the lyrics explored through interpretative movement and a mournful earnestness that's impossible to ignore.

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