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Slaves 'Sockets' by Ciaran Lyons

Shot in a tiny, claustrophobia-inducing flat and paired with some killer art direction, this video for Slaves' track Sockets is a wonderfully greasy and zany stop-motion piece directed by Ciaran Lyons.

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Highly Suspect 'Lydia' by T. S. & R.

Shot entirely underwater, this unnerving one-take video for Highly Suspect's track Lydia was shot over the course of five minutes and doesn't have a single cut. Starring actress and world champion freediver Marina Kazankova the video sees her holding her breath during the entirety of the clip. 

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Radical Media UK signs Iregular for Interactive and Digital Media

Radical Media UK have announced the signing of Iregular for Interactive and Digital Media.

Born in Bogotá, Colombia in 1981 but currently based in Montréal, the visual artist, designer and programmer Daniel Iregui creates interactive installations and digital experiences, marrying technology and design and involving the audience in works of ever-changing works of art. 

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Ella Eyre 'Good Times' by Carly Cussen

Ella Eyre's new video for Good Times by Carly Cussen is the perfect Carpe Diem of summery visuals, reminding you to grab a friend, head to Greenwich and make the most of your sunny holidays. Shot documentary style on 8mm film, it shows off Ella's fun-loving side in a playful and cinematic clip for her Drum & Bass fueled summer hit.

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