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Saje 'Lost Tonight' by Nryn

Nryn has crafted a hypnotic visual of organic fluid reactions, with a gorgeous spectrum of colour, for Saje's Lost Tonight - and it's about as minimal a lyric video as you're likely to see.

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Lonely The Brave 'Trick Of The Light' by A Nice Idea Every Day

A young couple's bust-up in their Berlin loft apartment eventually has tragic consequences - but then he has a chance to put things right, as the sequence of events in the apartment and on the street are replayed again and again, changing slightly each time, in A Nice Idea Every Day's video for Lonely The Brave's Trick Of The Light.

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Honne 'Warm On A Cold Night' by Geej Ower

Geej Ower has directed two interconnected videos for the East London modern soulsters Honne, and the first for the duo's debut single Warm On A Cold Night, released late last year, visualises a blossoming affair between two girls through interpretative dance, inventively choreographed by Fionn Cox-Davies. 

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One Night Only 'Plasticine' by Oscar Hudson

One Night Only singer George Craig connected with OB Management and director Oscar Hudson for the promo to his band's single Plasticine. 

Produced on a small budget, Oscar shoots the band in a living room as friends and roadies start to dismantle and destroy the house, creating havoc as the Helmsley fourpiece gamely soldier on.

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The Staves 'Black & White' by Jack Whiteley

In quite a change of direction for a video for folk outfit The Staves, Jack Whiteley has directed this very sharp comedy for Black & White, in which an '80s Australian evening news show goes into meltdown off-camera when the lady newsreader (played by Nell Mooney) discovers, as the programme starts, that her suave co-host is cheating on her with the weathergirl.

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