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Death From Above 1979 'Virgins' by Eva Michon

Eva Michon's wonderful video for Death From Above 1979's Virgins demonstrates what we've all long suspected - that the Amish of Pennsylvania are not quite as old fashioned and pious as they make out. They're really hippies in 19th century costumes.

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The Questionnaire: Chris Toumazou

At 24, Chris Toumazou has already proved himself to be multi-talented in the making of music videos. As a director he has helmed acclaimed videos for Tropics and Cloud Boat, while as a co-founder of burgeoning production company COMPULSORY he has signed and produced several up-and-coming directors from far and wide (including Norway and Canada).

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Alice Phoebe Lou 'Rebel Rose' by Karien Cherry

Berlin folk-singer Alice Phoebe Lou’s music video for Rebel Rose directed by Cape Town-based Karien Cherry (aka Karien Murray), follows a lonesome twenty-something on a desolate night out, with plenty of alcohol-infused debauchery and a search for lasting connection.

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East India Youth 'Beaming White' by Mathy & Fran

Linear shapes and tangled bodies populate the new East India Youth video for Beaming White directed by Mathy & Fran. Photographically, the video is sleek and polished enough to sell cars, featuring the highly photogenic William Doyle, cast as a driver caught in a somewhat austere, directional light.

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Frameworks 'Loom' by Samuel Gursky & Eric Teti

Samuel Gursky teams up with Eric Teti to capture Gainesville's impressive punksters Frameworks in various formats the video for Loom, as the band explore their Florida hometown - swimming, skating and indulging in some proper car vandalism. As you do.

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Sinead Harnett 'She Ain't Me' by Zaiba Jabbar

Zaiba Jabbar's video for Sinead Harnett for her track She Ain't Me boasts a lovely photographic quality and texture. Shot in 35mm film by Katie Swain, the video follows Harnett in the comfort of her own home, pondering upon the break-up of a relationship.

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