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Louis Berry 'Nicole' by Finn Keenan

Finn Keenan’s second collaboration with Louis Berry results in this super-stylish, VFX-enhanced performance video where an endlessly duplicated Berry develops a smouldering, tango-esque relationship with the girl playing Nicole, the subject of the song. And she keeps multiplying too.

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Of Mice & Men 'Pain' by Mark Lediard

Metal band Of Mice & Men's new video for Pain, directed by Mark Lediard, combines a stark, black and white performance, with eery footage of girls in leotards writhing on the ground, contorted in pain - and then contorting some more.

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Bastille 'Good Grief' by NYSU

Surreal vignettes make up Bastille's cool new video for Good Grief - directed by Jesús Hernández aka NYSU - repeating until they slowly begin to relate to one other, taking shape into the semblance of a coherent narrative.

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Pet Shop Boys 'Twenty-something' by Gavin Filipiak

Gavin Filipiak has created a compelling video for the Pet Shop Boys' Twenty-something, which follows the story of a San Diego gang member after he is released from prison, who after his initial elation, and his best intentions, struggles to get his life back together.

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Ladi6 'Beffy' by Parallel Teeth

Strange Beast director team Parallel Teeth have explored an entirely animated direction for the new video for Ladi6's Beffy starring a main character inspired by Ladi herself.

Reflecting the music, the animation loops and bounces along to the rhythm, and brings the lyrics to life, on a journey through friendship and about sticking together through difficult times.

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