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Youth Hymns sign to Partizan

Having made an impact with their lo-fi, acid-soaked visuals for The Slaves and God Damn, director/record producer collective Youth Hymns have joined Partizan for music video representation in the UK.

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 WIZ, Part 2: Past, Present & Future...

In the second half of our extensive interview with WIZ, on the event of his return to music videos for Will Young's Like A River, he talks about his breakthrough as a director with the 18 minute long classic 'music film' Weekender, about his relationship with legenda

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Adam, Hear The Sea 'Sorrow' by Stefano Margaritelli

The video for the debut single by Adam, Hear The Sea - British-Cypriot singer-songwriter and producer Adam Karayiannis – is set around the grey and forboding streets of Woolwich, London. The song is called Sorrow, but then Stefano Margaritelli's video defies expectations in its portrait of a homeless man whom brings joy to all those that he meets.

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