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Barnaby Laws bids farewell to Panalux to join Worldwide Production Agency

Barnaby Laws has left leading lighting company Panalux after nearly two decades to take up a new role helming the new London office of LA-based film crew agents Worldwide Production Agency.

It brings to an end his long career at Panalux, most recently as head of commercials and music videos, where he became one of the most important figures in music video production in London.

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Listenbee 'Save Me' by Cry\\Wolf

Cry\\Wolf serve up a delicious portrait of Grenada, harnessing the spirit and beauty of the island in their absorbing, beautifully-shot short film to accompany Save Me by (New York label) Local Legend signings Listenbee.

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Cut+Run announces Promos+Content division

Cut+Run has launched a new Promos+Content division at its London HQ - due to popular demand. Sparked by successful collaborations between their editors and young directors over the past year, the division aims to continue the company’s track record of nurturing the best young talent in the business.

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Keita Juma ft Brendan Philip 'Come Over' by Sammy Rawal

Director Sammy Rawal hosts a late-night party amongst the undergrowth on a deserted beach in his inspired promo for Come Over.

With an odd and eerie feel throughout, Rawal turns the party into something extraordinary through editorial effects and creative compositing...

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E Of E 'Stars Of Hollywood' by Luke Prior

Luke Prior's video for E of E's Stars Of Hollywood, combines band performance with character-heavy vignettes to illustrate the theme of the track.

Featuring a well-cast series of gorgeous, dangerous young things, it's a slickly-stylized, very good looking promo - shot by Bart Sienkiewicz – for the up-and-coming rock outfit. 

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Si Cranstoun 'Never Gonna Let You Go' by Geoff Cockwill

For the promo to Si Cranstoun's northern soul stomper Never Gonna Let You Go - the third single from his debut album Modern Life - director Geoff Cockwill shoots the singer at London's Cafe de Paris, accompanied by dancer Victoria Tansey, who wears a variety of styles to suit different decades. With skilful editing, this builds momentum to match the fast-paced tempo of the track.

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Fences 'Sunburns' by Zaiba Jabbar

Shot in Los Angeles and centered around black-and-white footage of Fences singer Chris Mansfield performing in an empty studio - counterpointed with occasional use of stock photography – Zaiba Jabbar's promo for the Seattle band's stirring single Sunburns is characterised by some exquisite light and shade play from DP Dannel Escallon.

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