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Four nods for Iron Sky at 2015 D&AD Awards

Daniel Wolfe's video for Paolo Nutini's Iron Sky has been recognised in four categories at the 2015 D&AD Awards, while David Wilson, DANIELS, Fleur & Manu and Sia & Daniel Askill are other directors with multiple honours among the 19 Pencils handed down by the Music Video Jury after their deliberations this week.

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New Directors - Spring 2015

A sizeable number of new directors have already featured on Promo News this year - so here's a playlist of just some of array of new talent that's caught our eye.

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Adanowsky 'Would You Be Mine' by Adan Jodorowsky (NSFW)

Adanowsky, son of famed art-house director Alejandro Jodorowsky, has grabbed his dad's torch and self-directed this provocative, libidinous video for Would You Be Mine, where all kinds of weird Jodorowsky-style stuff happens, but above all involves him induging in coitus with porn star Stoya.

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Courtney Barnett 'Kim's Caravan' by Bec Kingma

Australian singer-songwriter Courtney Barnett has released this video for the track Kim's Caravan from her debut full-length Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit, directed by Bec Kingma, whose work includes the award-winning short film Silent Night.

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J. Cole 'Wet Dreamz' by Ryan Staake

There's no mistaking the subject of J. Cole's Wet Dreamz. It's an autobiographical tale, both charming and explicit, about his (and his first girlfriend's) first sexual experience. Like many excellent storytelling songs, the words fire the listener's imagination - which adds to the challenge of anyone making the video. 

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Man Ray Sky 'Luma' by Andrew John Sowerby

For this eye-catching promo to Man Ray Sky's Luma, John Sowerby lays on a mind-bending trip around the globe, taking us inside the minds of the characters living in an abstract world of light and vivid colour...

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