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Fort Minor 'Welcome (360 Version)' by Jeff Nicholas

Co-founder of Linkin Park Mike Shinoda returns, nearly ten years since releasing The Rising Tied, the debut studio album from his side project, Fort Minor. But he's come back in true, cutting-edge style, with this 360-degree virtual reality music video for his single, Welcome, directed by Jeff Nicholas. 

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Foals 'What Went Down' by Niall O'Brian

To describe Niall O'Brian's video for Foals' What Went Down as intense is something of an understatement.

It stages two high-octane scenes - the first sees a girl swimming ahead of two others, the second features a grim bare-chested man, and a fearsome dog - in which the tension is ratched up, slowly but surely, and pretty much unbearable - and offers up a hell of a final twist. 

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Kwabs 'Fight For Love' by Alex Southam

Alex Southam has delivered this stylish little number for Kwabs' new song Fight For Love. With projections designed by Alex himself, the video focuses on typographic interpretations of Kwabs' lyrics.

A seductive dancer's choreography serves as a dynamic canvas for the projections, mirrored with Kwabs's own performance in the same space. 

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Arches ft. Karen Harding 'New Love' by JT Child

Karen Harding heads to the party with her girls in the feelgood video for Arches' New Love by JT Child, where some nice chemistry develops between her and the dreamy guy with very white teeth, played by Christian Kinde. But will ever manage to get together....?

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Videos of the Month – June 2015

June brought us intimate human interest dramas, like Abteen Bagheeri's tale of a disabled ex-jockey climbing back in the saddle for Kodaline; epic spectaculars, such as Gener8ion + M.I.A.'s The New International Sound Pt.

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H. Grimace 'Cavepainter' by Morgan Faverty

Morgan Faverty's debut music video for H. Grimace's impressive Cavepainter is a visual and tonal treat with contrasting painterly and jagged textures. Rocks are broken revealing colours within, matching the shots of fluids resembling the surface of Jupiter. 

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