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Peaches 'Light in Places' by Peaches (NSFW)

Famed for her transgressive and sexually-explicit lyrics, artist and performer Peaches is back after six years since releasing her last album with Light In Places. To celebrate the occasion, she has enlisted the help UK aerialist Empress Stah and a lazer butt-plug to, um, shine a spotlight on her highly-anticipated return on the scene.

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Adam Smith joins Chemical Brothers at Glastonbury

The Chemical Brothers' regular visual collaborator Adam Smith stood in for bandmember Ed Simons on-stage at Glastonbury on Sunday night during their headline set on the Other Stage, operating the new visuals he's created for the show with partner Marcus Lyall.

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Love Buzzard 'Cash' by Youth Hymns

VHS-hooligans Youth Hymns, freshly signed to Partizan, have delivered this off-the-wall video for Love Buzzard's punk track Cash. With animated elements motion-tracked on top of SD footage, it has cartoon-headed, leather jacket-wearing thugs prowling graffiti'd streets and pelting people with brightly coloured cash.

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Rudimental 'Rumour Mill' by I Owe Youth

Rudimental's usual combination of rhapsodic visuals paired with high-energy drum and bass are paired way down in this video for Rumour Mill by directing collective I Owe Youth. Shot in a classy, polished black and while (nicely photographed by Daniel Morgan) it features Anne Marie and Will Heard jamming in their convertible in a car park.

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