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Shura '2shy' by David M. Helman

David M. Helman has delivered this beautifully shot and gorgeously-paced video for up-and-coming British singer Shura's track 2shy.

Featuring subtle video effects such as solar eclipses and unmoving birds caught in mid-flight, the video conjures up a surreal, timeless atmosphere that is perfectly paired with the gentle, melancholic track. 

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Nekfeu 'Egerie' by Dawid Krepski

Murder, space travel and neon city scapes... Dawid Krepski's promo for French rapper Nekfeu's Egerie pays homage to French Cinema, 80's movies and a hint of Kanye West's Flashing Lights...

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Matt Mure 'Give Me The Fear' by Dan Coffey

Set against a muscular studio performance from the group, Dan Coffey's tense promo for Give Me The Fear by Watford band/singer Matt Mure - is a 'subtle comment on modern narcissism', documenting a young man as he gets ready for a dangerous meet...

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Cœur De Pirate 'Oublie-Moi (Carry On)' by Kevin Calero

Montreal-based director Kevin Calero concocts a striking dance piece for singer-songwriter Béatrice Martin, better known by her stage name Cœur de Pirate, for Oublie-Moi (Carry On).

That's partly down to the location - a castle-like ruin transformed into an amphitheatre for the expressive choreography of Nico Archimbault and Wynn Holmes, performed by Béatrice with Sam Colbey.  

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SBCR 'The Grid' by James Chappell

The Bloody Beetroots have released their first music video for their new musical side-project SBCR: a dark action-thriller which traverses a seedy, urban underworld as an intimidatingly hench anti-hero goes on a quest for vengeance.

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TroyBoi ft. Yas 'No Substitute ' by Youness Benali

Stylish and mesmerising, this video for TroyBoi's No Substitute by Youness Benali showcases some excellent pop n' lock hip-hop dancing, quick, rythmic editing and sparce lighting with effects done in-camera. An elegant, captivating fit for all the hip-hop fans out there.

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