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Hozier 'Someone New' by Anthony Byrne

Now represented by OB Management in the UK and US, Anthony Bryne, director of TV's Ripper Street and upcoming BBC drama The Last Kingdon, teams up with the red hot Hozier for the promo to the Irish singer-songwriter's latest single Someone New.

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Selah Sue 'Alone' by Alexander Brown

Commissioned to design artwork for Belgium artist Selah Sue's new album Reason (March 30) - the follow-up to her multi-platinum debut, promo director Alexander Brown follows through with designing and directing the video for first single Alone in which he also applies post FX.

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Coldplay 'Ghost Story' by Campbell Hooper

Coldplay asked Cam Hooper to make a film for Ghost Story around their live performance at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney. As a result, the footage was shot in just an hour, during the band's soundcheck before the show.

And despite these limitations, Cam has produced an ethereal piece which echoes the lyrics in the track, and conveys Coldplay's calm assurance as a performing band.

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Jack Garratt 'Chemical' by Tom Clarkson

Tom Clarkson's video for Jack Garratt's Chemical is a story of teenage obsession, about a girl whose devotion to her favourite pop star is so great, some magical things start happening. At least in her own imagination.

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Furs 'I Wanna Know' by Libby Burke Wilde

It starts as a straightforward band performance in a white studio, but Libby Burke Wilde's video for the '80s pop sound of Furs' I Wanna Know soon gets more animated, as lead singer Elle start busting some moves. And then the pink mist descends... 

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Spector 'Don't Make Me Try' by Joe Ridout

Joe Rideout and a team of animators bring a humdrum tube journey to life as they head into suburbia with some cool paint effects in Joe's promo for Spector's Don't Make Me Wait.

Throughout the video we see into the commutors' minds with added footage depicting their thoughts contrasting their monochrome journey with colourful dreams...

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