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Alice 'Heartbreak Hotel ' by Favourite Colour Black

Favourite Colour: Black (Chris Turner) second video for new artist Alice is a highly stylised performance piece, with an undeniable retro feel, but with its foot still firmly in the 21st century.

Within a series of nicely art-directed setups, the combination of dim lighting and red flourescent luminescence adds to the atmospheric feel of the video.

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Eves Karydas 'Couch' by Jake Jelicich

Jake Jelicich's video for Australian singer Eves Karydas affectionately nods to the sultry music videos of the ’90s.

Elegant-yet-sexy outfits, striking colour choices, soft focus lenses, jolted time-delay shots – classic film clip maneouvres of the period are used in this circumstance to enhance the stylised, modern context of her song Couch.

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The Decemberists 'Once In My Life' by Autumn De Wilde

The Decemberists have released a powerful new video for Once In My Life, directed by acclaimed director and photographer Autumn de Wilde, and starring her brother Jacob de Wilde.

The song is the lead track on the band’s eighth studio album I’ll Be Your Girl, which was released on Capitol Records this Spring.

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Minuit 'Paris Tropical' by Cloe Bailly

Cloe Bailly directs a steamy video for summer track Paris Tropical for French band Minuit. 

The film is set during a Parisian heatwave, where the intensity of the heat reaches comical levels. The track is from their debut album, ‘Vertigo’ and precedes their tour later this year.

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Buddy ft Ty Dolla $ign 'Hey Up There' by Lil Internet

Set in Compton, California, director Lil Internet creates a performance piece for Buddy that uses a persistent motif of aircraft, from a poignant paper airplane, to shots of him flying in a helicopter above the city. It's all about his relationship with his hometown, and his plan to succeed, because or in spite of it. 

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Phobophobes 'Child Star' by Niall Trask

Niall Trask pushes the envelope of old school video effects in his retina-scorching video for Phobophobes. 

Shot on VHS and mashed up in the edit - using a hacked Radioshack video colour processor - Trask employs both digital and analogue techniques to create a completely warped performance video of Child Star, and blow the viewer's minds. Or at least induce a migraine.

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MTV VMA 2018 nominations announced

The nominees for the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards have been announced, with Cardi B leading the field with 10 nominations. The Carters – JAY-Z and Beyoncé – follow with eight nominations, all for their APESHIT video. That's followed by seven nominations each for Childish Gambino - all for his This Is America video - and Drake.

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