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R City ft. Adam Levine 'Locked Away' by Gil Green

Gil Green recently directed Locked Away, for the catchy debut single by American hip-hop duo R. City, featuring Adam Levine – a dramatic video, made up of everyday stories of families facing the hardships of poverty, imprisonment and lost love.

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The Questionnaire: Mark Connell

Raised in Exmouth, Mark Connell, 35, has become a leading production designer working across fashion, commercial and music videos, and one of the go-to art directors for high-end pop videos in the industry. Not bad for someone who ran away from home at 17 to join the Navy. 

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Paul McCartney 'Say Say Say' by Ryan Heffington

Paul McCartney is due to release of a remastered version of his solo album Pipes Of Peace, now paired with this extra promotional video remake of Say Say Say, the duet with Michael Jackson which was the number one-hit single in the US upon its release in 1983.

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Harper 'White Lies' by Damien Reeves

Damien Reeves has directed this slow-burner for White Lies by alt-pop artist Harper. The clip offers up an impassioned performance from Harper as she meanders through a dusty and desolate place, which was once the home of a destructive relationship. 

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Lana Del Rey 'Music To Watch Boys To' by Kinga Burza

Kinga Burza has dreamed up this picturesque video for Lana Del Rey's Music To Watch Boys To, with visuals that fit with the pop star's leisurely, dream-like aesthetic. The video exudes an unhurried sensuality, with shots of beautiful underwater lovers, slowmo b-ball and Lana lounging like an old movie star in a bygone world of classic cinema.

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A-Minor 'Be Mine' by Oliver Kember

It may seem like just another paradisiacal, first-person holiday promo featuring an absurdly stunning model and paired with the latest house/EDM track, but Oli Kember’s new promo for A-Minor's Be Mine captures a love story set around Lake Como, Italy, with an ending you're not likely to forget.

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