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Seramic ft. Bootsy Collins 'Greg's Love' by Max Knight

Sophina DeJesus - a UCLA gymnast who is known for including hip-hop moves into her floor routines - blazes around her empty childhood gym in the middle of the night, to the relentlessly fast-paced funk by Seramic.

Max Knight's video harks back to the grand tradition of Footloose, but has a charm all its own. And with fine work by DoP Sean Bagley, it looks great.

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Bludwork 'Axiom Voicings' by Michael Booth

Michael Booth has directed this music video for house producer Bludwork, which pairs warm, emotive dance music to a slow-paced, human visuals.

Shot in a Californian hotel, the clip plays out like a mood piece exploring the human gaze and it's inherent intimacy, made up of super close-ups of a man and a woman - staring out the windows as they get dressed. 

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