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Django Django 'Shake & Tremble' by Pete G.D.

Deep in a Z-movie primordial jungle replete with gigantic bugs, carnivorous plants and ominous icons, Django Django perform the suitably garage surfy sound of Shake & Tremble. It's a cool affair directed by Pete G.D. with a lo-fi video look, reminiscent of a 90s promo.

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Gengahr 'Heroine' by Connor Gilhooly

Connor Gilhooly's well-crafted video for Gengahr's Heroine builds a sensual experience based upon the legendary archetypes of a sleeping princess and her chivalric hero, using projections and colour separation to create a certain amount of sexual ambiguity. 

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The Questionnaire: Mathy & Fran

Mathy Tremewan and Fran Broadhurst - aka Mathy & Fran - are a directing duo (and real couple) who's captivating, sophisticated visuals have graced videos for the likes of Anna Calvi, Russ Chimes, Bipolar Sunshine, Kodaline and, recently, East India Youth 

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Misty Miller 'Happy' by Sophie Muller

South London songstress Misty Miller brings some frenetic energy to her new video Happy, and Sophie Muller shows yet again why she's the best at drawing out inspirational performances from artists, whether they are huge and experienced (like Rihanna, Sam Smith, Beck, and many others that Sophie's worked with) or completely new.

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Lamb 'What Makes Us Human' by Aidan Wood

A girl swathed in chiffon increasingly battles with the earth and ashes from which we come - and will return – in Aidan Wood's fine video for Lamb's What Makes Us Human - itself a return to form for the duo known in the Nineties for their sophisticated drum and bass. 

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