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SG Lewis 'Meant To Be' by Bob Jeusette

Bob Jeusette presents an intimate portrait in the unlikeliest of places for SG Lewis. Following the Monster Mania Stunt Show - made up of several generations of the Valencia and Delporte families – this documentary clip paints a portrait of two families and their strong, unique bond, as they tour the suburbs of France and Belgium. 

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David Rosen 'Butterfly' by Tobias Steiner

Composer David Rosen has released these stunning CG-animated visuals for his song Butterfly, created by VFX artist Tobias Steiner.

Inspired by the theme of human evolution, the video marries the ambient electronica of the track with an emblematic rendering of a striped humanoid who makes a perilous leap of faith towards a golden ball of inter-connected points...

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GTA ft. Vince Staples 'Little Bit Of This' by David M. Helman

David M. Helman brings a heap of cool to this GTA & Vince Staples clip. 

A simple performance video sees Vince Staples surround himself with a gang of synchronised BMWs. With dust flying around a minimalist industrial location, the beauty of this video is in its simplicity and the cool-as-hell execution.

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