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Jain 'Makeba' by Greg & Lio

Greg & Lio join Jain in South Africa for a mind-bogglingly fun performance, which attempts to cram in as many cool VFX ideas that it possibly can in three and a half minutes.

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David Strindberg (Vitamin, Cinnamon Chasers) has teamed up Josefin Malmen to create the new directing duo BABYBABY, and their first video together is this VFX-warped piece for Swedish artist CHINA.

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Auður 'Both Eyes On You' by Helgi&Hörður

Icelandic directing team Helgi&Hörður's new video Both Eyes On You for Audunn Lúthersson aka Auður (pronounced 'Author') expands on the song’s subject matter, tackling the ups and downs of romance through choreographed vignettes of couples, both together and apart, exploring their devotion to each other and the strange pain of separation.

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Justice 'Fire' by Pascal Teixeira

Justice take a victory lap with a robot butler and Susan Sarandon in this instantly iconic clip.

With the opening featuring an almost-pornographic car polishing sequence, this stylish video from Pascal Teixeira has a minimal, clean colour palette and glorious shots of American desert roads as Sarandon takes the Justice boys out for a spin.

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