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Yeasayer 'Silly Me' by Mike Anderson/New Media Limited

Mike Anderson at New Media Limited has delivered an incredible prequel to his Yeasayer video for I Am Chemistry, completed a few months back. And the clip for Silly Me follows a very similar aesthetic - a strange universe of body horror and grotesque humanoid figures. The time around, however, things feel even darker.

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Kontra K 'An Deiner Seite' by Maximilian Niemann

On one level director Maximilian Neimann's video for German rapper Kontra K's An Deiner Seite (Next To You) is a nailbiting Nordic Noir thriller. But it also happens to be much more. Unit 9 have created the first interactive music video where the user is invited to switch between two timelines - the past and present - to uncover clues to solve a murder mystery. 

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Anne-Marie 'Alarm' by Malia James

Anne-Marie heads off to Mexico City with the in-demand Malia James for a video that's loosely inspired by the Baz Luhrmann version of Romeo & Juliet. But this is not so much about the tragic love between young members of two warring clans, as about Anne-Marie's relationship with a decidedly wayward Romeo. And setting off the alarm bells.

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Speech Debelle 'Terms & Conditions' by Ed Sayers

Ed Sayers' film for Speech Debelle's song Terms & Conditions is an unusual hybrid between short drama with elements of documentary and a proper music video with a heavy theatrical slant. The latter aspect is not surprising as it was made in association with the legendary Royal Court Theatre.

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