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Puzzle 'Comedown' by James Francis

Director and VFX artist James Francis casts Brazilian-born, London-based electro-popster Puzzle as an Assassin's Creed-style hero in a vintage sci-fi video game scenario, harnessing the power of video light beams - which gives this clip the added echo of the classic Jacksons' video for Can You Feel It. 

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Radar Awards - all the winners

Irish director Bob Gallagher took the Best Up & Coming Director prize at the first Radar Awards, held last week at the YouTube Space in London, where 11 prizes were handed out to celebrate new and up and coming talent across the music and music video industries.

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Wolf Alice 'Lisbon' by Eat The Danger

Eat The Danger leave you feeling blue in this stylistic animated video for Wolf Alice. It's presented with the cinematic whimsy of a indie love story (Submarine, 500 Days of Summer, etc, etc) with one key difference: nobody is really happy.

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Thomas Rhazi 1985 - 2016

It is very sad to announce that the French director Thomas Rhazi has passed away, as a result of his injuries suffered in a motorbike accident in Paris nearly three months ago. 

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