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Tove Lo 'Cool Girl' by Tim Erem

Tim Erem directs Tove Lo’s instantly catchy Cool Girl , and it's the first chapter in a longer form project heralding the Swedish singer's second album Lady Wood, set to explore the beauty and darkness that comes with chasing thrills. 

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Maxwell '1990x' by Philip Andelman

Frequent collaborator Philip Andelman creates a suitably stylish and slick visual feast for Maxwell's 1990x, serenading and seducing a beautiful woman in his awesomely luxurious home, and a irrestistable flow of falsetto vocals.

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Conjurer 'Scorn' by Nothingness

A band performance through the prism of an ancient, glitchy, colour-corrupted VHS camera that's stuck on close-up mode. And that works a treat for the forbidding death metal of Conjuror. It's directed by Nothingness who was aiming for something "inside the shell of a horrible 1970s European horror film you found in gutter."

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John Newman 'Olé' by Emil Nava

Emil Nava takes good buddies John Newman and Calvin Harris to beautiful Los Cabos in Mexico for Olé.

This sun-kissed clip sees John Newman occupy various gorgeous slices of the picturesque Mexican coastline, accompanied everywhere by beautiful girls - on land, sea, and on horseback, no less.

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