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Keimzeit 'Junges Blut' by Sonja Rohleder

Everything is peaceful and idyllic in Sonja Rohleder's beautifully designed motion graphic video for German band Keimzeit's Junges Blut (Young Blood). But in turn, each countryside scene is affected by a cataclysmic act of God - a meteor strike, a giant wave, a hurricane...

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Rihanna 'American Oxygen' by The Uprising Creative

Darren Craig, Jonathan Craven and Jeff Nicholas of The Uprising Creative have created their second music video for Rihanna, following 2013's What Now. This time, for American Oxygen, they present US history using stock footage of famous and infamous moments. 

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Gabrielle 'Mer' by Kristoffer Klunk

Norwegian chanteuse Gabrielle teams up with director Kristoffer Klunk for this futuristic short film to partner her gorgeous, heavily sound-designed single Mer.

Klunk's adventurous cinematic treat sees three hooded explorers out on a desolte, rocky and frozen landscape, collecting discarded valubles and trinkets only to see their ship explode in mid air...

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Shura '2shy' by David M. Helman

David M. Helman has delivered this beautifully shot and gorgeously-paced video for up-and-coming British singer Shura's track 2shy.

Featuring subtle video effects such as solar eclipses and unmoving birds caught in mid-flight, the video conjures up a surreal, timeless atmosphere that is perfectly paired with the gentle, melancholic track. 

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