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Meridian Dan 'Hot For Me Now' by Konstantin Ermakov

As Meridian Dan talks a good game in Hot For Me Now, pointing out how hard he's worked to get people's attention, Konstantin Ermakov shows just what it takes with a loose narrative accompanying the rapper's performance about a young street footballer perfecting his skills - and suffering numerous setbacks and bouts of self-doubt along the way.

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Aquilo 'Good Girl' by Jack King

Jack King has directed this great narrative number for Aquilo's Good Girl, which tells the story of a young female missionary who sets out with her partner to spread the good word but soon encounters the temptations of the outside world. 

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Camerimage 2015: Music Video nominations announced

The Camerimage 2015 Music Videos Competition line-up has been announced. 20 music videos have been selected and nominated for the Best Music Video and Best Cinematography in a Music Video awards, from over 400 submissions and recommendations from all over the world.

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