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The Maccabees 'Elephant Days' by James Caddick & James Cronin - the trailer

James Caddick and James Cronin's Elephant Days is a documentary about The Maccabees recording their fourth album Marks To Prove It, and the band’s creative process as they work in self-imposed isolation in an anonymous studio in London’s Elephant and Castle. But the film also becomes a compelling portrait of the area and its local population at a time of radical change.

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Joseph Kahn hits back at Wildest Dreams critics

Joseph Kahn has quickly responded to critics of his new Taylor Swift video, releasing a statement which offers a robust defence of the work against accusations made in reviews on several websites that the video portrays a white colonialist vision of Africa.

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The Questionnaire: Toby Tomkins

Toby Tomkins has the movie business in his blood, with several family members being top production designers, including his father Leslie. Instead of following their path, while at film school he started to uncover the mysteries of colour grading and has been practising his calling ever since. Three years ago he set up TJT Film, and then CHEAT a year ago - soon to be expanding.

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Villagers ‘Hot Scary Summer’ by Hi-Sim

Directing duo Chris Hawkes and Chuen Hung Tsang aka Hi-Sim, created this lovely CGI-animated video for Irish band Villagers. It follows two cloud-like beings as they weave through a gorgeously animated landscape, as Villagers' Conor O'Brien eloquently describes the imminent disintegration of a relationship.

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Taylor Swift 'Wildest Dreams' by Joseph Khan

The latest Taylor Swift video directed by Joseph Kahn was never going to be anything less than spectacular, and this one for Wildest Dreams was shot on location in Africa. An extraordinary version of Africa it is too: the wild animals are tame, and actual Africans are as rare as hen's teeth.

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Nev Cottee 'Follow The Sun' by Sell Everything

The video for Mancunian troubadour Nev Cottee's Follow The Sun follows a man to the seaside as he tries to alleviate the pain of his loneliness.

It was made by Stephen Miller and Bradley Franklin - by day, a Flame artist and motion graphic artist at Gramercy Park Studios – who got together as Sell Everything to make the promo for this slow-burning pedal steel-laden anthem.

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Kyan 'Sometimes' by Georgia Hudson

Georgia Hudson has conjured an intimate performance video in an unusual location for British singer/producer Kyan. He performs his song Sometimes on white grand piano under grey skies on a wet North Sea beach, in a video characterised by the DoP Adam Scarth's fluid camerawork.

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