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Pandora Drive 'Unoriginal Sin' by Thomas Knights

Thomas Knights' video for Pandora Drive's Unoriginal Sin is the opening part of an ambitious short film/music video project accompanying the band's concept album that explores the allure of the underworld, and the darkness of addiction. 

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Beirut 'Perth' by Clara Aranovich

Clara Aranovich's video for Beirut's song Perth, from the band's fourth studio album No No No, has a winning concept. It's a lovely split-screen clip, which stages the same choreography by the same dancer set in two very different places: a warm sandy beach and snowy, mountainous woods.

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Ray Blk '5050' by Hector Dockrill

Hector Dockrill has taken an honest, doc-style approach to his performance video for London R&B singer-songwriter Ray Blk. Shot in South London by Deepa Keshvala, the video provides a portrait of Ray and her crew, capturing their style and attitude, as well as their hairstylist and kebab shop of choice. 

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PJ Harvey 'The Wheel' by Seamus Murphy

The origin of PJ Harvey's The Wheel - both the song and the video – comes from her longstanding creative relationship with photojournalist and filmmaker Seamus Murphy. They began working together with Murphy's series of films to accompany Harvey's last album Let England Shake, after the singer had seen his photojournalism in Afghanistan and Kosovo.

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Lucius 'Something About You' by Mimi Cave

Mimi Cave has put together these wonderfully weird visuals for four-piece LA indie-pop band Lucius. Perfectly matching in tawny suits and apricot-coloured bobs, the ladies of the band Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig distort and multiply in a gallery of flat colour, Greek columns and rectangular plinths.

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Leon Bridges 'River' by Miles Jay

This powerful video for R&B artist and singer-songwriter Leon Bridges's River, was inspired by real events, and although a sombre affair, Bridges' intention to send a message of hope, as well as raise questions, has been fully achieved through the sensitive, cinematic direction of Miles Jay.

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