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Partizan sign Rianne White

Rianne White, director of recent videos for Young Fathers, Moss Kena, Polo, The Proclaimers and Gilligan Moss, has joined Partizan’s for representation for music videos and commercials.

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Pumarosa 'Lions' Den' by Niall Trask

This is an outstanding music video for Pumarosa by Niall Trask – and in its way utterly terrifying,

Trask brings us ostensibly an idyllic scene: a man tends an apiary, packed with bees busily at work. But the gloriously heightened black and white photography, with black sky and white trees, creates an otherworldy feel that somehow enables the horror that follows.

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Jaira Burns 'Sugarcoat' by Sophia Ray

As Jaira Burns spits out a few choice words at her soon-to-be ex, Sophia Ray allows the feisty singer-songwriter to put the boot in to a beautiful empty dream doll's house.

And that nicely sums up her sentiments in Sugarcoat: it's all over mate.

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Slaves 'Cut And Run' by Phil Poole

Slaves have something that they need to tell you: you're working too hard, basically, and need to chill out and have some fun. So why not join them in their Cut And Run dance? The steps are dead simple...

Phil Poole's video for Cut And Run captures the lads' pirate broadcast bringing more pleasure than a last minute England winner to some surprised viewers.

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Sigrid 'Focus' by Moth Studio

For one of the first songs that Sigrid recorded - now released in its original demo form - East London-based animation studio Moth have created a video to reflect the deep instrospection at the heart of Focus.

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