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Example 'The Answer' by Dominic O'Riordan

Dominic O'Riordan guides us through this trip down Memory Lane for Example.

His video for The Answer dramatises how the teenage Elliott Gleave began his rapping career on the streets and house parties of South London. The video starts with him working on a track, his first ever tune playing on his headphones, as he waits for his friends to go to a party.

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Son Lux 'Slowly' by Alex Cook

Son Lux have shared a second track from their forthcoming album Brighter Wounds (released in February 2018) with an absorbing and mysterious video directed by Alex Cook, which follows two women as they sacrificially tend to a small group of patients.

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straight 8 launches 2018 competition

Long-running annual Super 8mm film competition straight 8 has launched it's 2018 challenge, inviting "anyone, anywhere" to make a short film on a single cartridge of Super 8mm cine film, with no retakes, no editing and no post-production.

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Owlle 'In The Dark' by Thibaut Grevet

Owlle gazes from her swish apartment onto a nighttime cityscape with flames in the distance - flames that swiftly encroach into her home.

Thibaut Grevet's video for the French singer has the aura of a bad dream, where fear is suspended, but just around the corner. And it's always an achingly gorgeous-looking bad dream.

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