David Knight - 21st July 2011

The UK Music Video Awards 2011 is now open!

The UK MVAs - the awards show dedicated to the celebration of outstanding creativity in the medium of music video - has now officially launched, and it's bigger than ever before, with an expanded range of awards and a prestigious new venue.

Following its success over the past three years, the fourth annual UK Music Video Awards will recognise innovation and creativity in music videos and other music-related visual content, at a ceremony at the legendary Empire in Leicester Square on November 8th.

This year's awards features all the categories that have previously recognised the best videos, individual and technical achievements at the MVAs - plus a raft of new honours reflecting the breadth of music video creativity in the UK and beyond.

For the first time the UK MVAs are now welcoming entries for completely non-British videos, for a new range of international awards in each music genre category. Furthermore, there are now budget awards - for videos produced for less than £2K (or equivalent) - for each music genre too. So each music genre recognized by the MVAs - Pop, Dance, Urban, Indie/Rock, and Alternative - now has three separate awards in British, International and Budget categories. There is also an additional new award for best choreography in a video.

Here are the awards at the UK Music Video Awards 2011:

Entered work must have been completed and delivered to their commissioner between August 1st 2010 and July 31st 2011. All entry forms are to be found and completed at www.ukmva.com - which is now up and running. More information about the entry requirements for each award can be found at here. The deadline for entries is Monday, August 15th.

As with previous years, following the entry deadline, all entries in the best video and technical achievement categories will be judged by the MVA Jury Members - that is, invited members of the British music video industry - via a two-round judging system. All entries will be initially judged by juries courtesy of the online voting platform - once again administered by Beam.

In the next two weeks, invitations will be sent to those selected as MVA Jury Members - and if you wish to ensure that you are considered as a Jury Member, please contact Louise Stevens at louise@ukmva.com.

Nominations for the UK Music Video Awards 2011 will be announced in early October, ahead of the ceremony at The Empire in Leicester Square on November 8th.

Tickets for the show and aftershow - the biggest party of the year for UK music videos - will also be on sale soon at the ukmvas website.

David Knight - 21st July 2011

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