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The Blaze 'Territory' by The Blaze

French duo The Blaze - that's Jonathan Alric and Guillaume Alric – direct a layered and cinematic homecoming for their song Territory, the follow-up to the MVA-award winning video for Virile.

Robbie Williams 'Mixed Signals' by Ross Anderson

Sometimes its hard to get past the cheeky all-conquering chap that he presents in the videos directed by Vaughan Arnell, but Robbie Williams projects a quite different personality in the video for Mixed Signals - which also marks Nice & Polite's CEO Ross Anderson's directing debut.

Bruno Mars 'That's What I Like' by Jonathan Lia and Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars keeps it simple but utterly captivating for the video for That’s What I Like, directed by Jonathan Lia and Mars: he commands the screen from start to finish, with some hand-drawn animations relating to the lyrics adding the only flourishes to the natural Mars charisma and fancy footwork.

Wzrd Yoshi 'De Nada' by XIPHI

New directing duo XIPHI - that's Melody Maker and Lauren Van Veen – have created an atmospheric showcase for Wzrd Yoshi's De Nada, set in a flat in a London tower block of a dystopian near-future that's been turned into a drugs factory.

Liv Dawson 'Searching' by Stroma Cairns

Stroma Cairns's beautifully executed video for Liv Dawson's track Searching is a guy-meets-girl love story with some naturalistic, fresh-faced performances. 

Beautifully shot by Ruben Woodin-Dechamps, we follow the pair as meet up at the bus stop and spend the day riding around from place to place, dallying on the verge between friends and something more.

Glass Animals 'Pork Soda' by Eoin Glaister

Somebody tie Eoin Glaister to a chair for a few months so that somebody else can have a chance at making music videos. His new clip for Glass Animals proves he's on top form as ever.

The massively surreal clip depicts lovers living on separate floors in a house, who only begin communicating with one another after a misunderstanding with a dog that swallows a TV remote.

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