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Ash 'Rebirth' by Andrew Baird

A chance encounter with director Andrew Baird led to Irish trio Ash commissioning this cinematic short film featuring three tracks from the band's new album. This itself begins with a chance encounter before developing into an intense, impressionistic drama about a tumultuous relationship touched by tragedy.

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Kakkmaddafakka 'Lilac' by Carlín Díaz

Love blooms on a fine afternoon in Bergen between a dog and a duck, sweetly yet fleetingly, in Carlín Díaz's delightful video for the awesomely-named Kakkmaddafakka - who are based in Bergen. 

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Vita Bergen 'In The City' by Cyrus Mirzashafa

Lo-fi, high octane, urban transport system shenanigans from Cyrus Mirzashafa for indie-rock duo Vita Bergen's In The City. 

Appropriately, it's an an amped-up trip around London, mainly on the Tube, and the fact everything has been thrown into the scuzzy VHS filter does not detract from its watchability. It never lets up, and works a treat.

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Bear's Den 'Dew On The Vine' by Louis Bhose

British alternative rock band Bear's Den have released this tongue-in-cheek but strangely gripping video for Dew On The Vine directed by Louis Bhose, set around a high stakes, closed doors ping-pong tournament.

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Catholic Action 'Rita Ora' by Ciaran Lyons

Ciaran Lyons explores the world of crowd-sourced art in this clip for Glasgow band Catholic Action.

With the song centred around the eponymous pop star, Lyons decided to scoop out drawings of her from the bucket of weird that we call the internet. The results were, to put it nicely, varied, but that's all part of the fun.

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