Calvin Harris, Sam Smith 'Promises' by Emil Nava

Calvin Harris, Sam Smith 'Promises' by Emil Nava
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Emil Nava's video for Calvin Haris and Sam Smith's collaboration is a love letter to the drag scene, and a tribute to the world immortalised by Paris Is Burning and Madonna's Vogue video in the late Eighties.

It's also a lot grittier than Vogue, but there's also a real joie de vivre and geniune spirit that makes this a great video for Promises. It's got authenticity, and there is a broad church of glamour on show: from the drag queens and voguers, to models including Winnie Harlow (who has the skin condition vitilago). And Sam Smith's pleasure in the whole situation is obvious, which takes things to another level.

From the drag queens and voguers personal stories at the beginning, the message of personal freedom of expression mixes with an array of dazzling images - crafted by three editors, no less - and there is certainly something of the George Michael video for Too Funky about the climactic catwalk set-up. George surely would have loved this. 


Emil Nava
Maryann Tanedo
Production Company
Ammolite Inc
Creative Director
Grace Pickering
Executive Producer
Amy James
Production Manager
Rose Krane
1st AD
Everard Salomon
Director of Photography
Frank Mobilio
1st AC
Steve Doyle
Art Director
Shane Richardson
Krissie Torgerson
Marc Mapile
Jennifer Hanching
JaQuel Knight
Aubrey Woodiwiss
Director's Representation
OB ManagementOB Management website
Mike O’Keefe
Sony Music
Kia Benbow, Tresvon Harville, Donnell Ingram ,Carlos Irizarry , Hayley Law ,Eric Sanchez , Engels Santana,
Kia Benbow, Tresvon Harville, Donnell Ingram, Carlos Irizarry, Hayley Law, Eric Sanchez, Engels Santana, Kevin Stea, Hassan Floyd, Isaiah Wilder, Dashaun Williams
Drag Queens
Jeremy Austin, Jacob Copp, Spencer Forrest Johnson, Luke Millington Drake, Loris Volke
Paul Atkins, Alex Avila, Widney Bazile, Kayla Fitzgerald, Aria Hayes, Tiara Kelly, Mikaela Kreuzberger, Josephine Lee, Tatiana McGuire, Riya Thakkar, Cheyann Washington, Pierre David, Malcolm Robinson, Nathaniel Santos

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