Ray Blk 'Run Run' by Tom Green

Ray Blk 'Run Run' by Tom Green
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Tom Green has created a thought-provoking and suitably moving video to accompany Ray Blk's heartfelt Run Run.

This brings us into the world of a black British teenager who is almost certainly also a murder victim. But in a place somewhere between reality and a dystopian purgatory, his fear and need to escape continues.

The metaphorical journey of the boy, powerfully played by Kai Francis Lewis, is intercut with Ray's performance on the terrace of a London estate. "It was very emotional being on set to shoot the Run Run video," she says. "Tears were shed.

"There’s a scene where I am up on the roof of an estate in Brixton and I was looking down at these surroundings, thinking about what was probably going on in the estate. It was very real. Everyone walked away that day after filming feeling heavy."


Tom Green
Nkem Egbuchiri
Production Company
StinkStink website
Executive Producer
Katie Lambert
1st AD
Mark Gillespie
Director of Photography
Kristof Brandl
Focus Puller
Bernin Isaac
2nd AC
Sam Hayes, Chris Rogers
Rik Burnell
Art Director
Maxwell Randall
Ihunna Eberendu
Grace Ellington
James Wright
Editing company
Lewis Crossfield
Grading company
Electric Theatre Collective
Felix Geen
Kai Francis Lewis
Caroline Clayton
Island Records
Ukraine Production
Radioaktive Film
UA Producer
Daria Stephani
Steadicam UA
Grant Sandy Philips
Steadicam UK
Richard Cornelius

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