Kobo 'Baltimore' by Felix Brady

Kobo 'Baltimore' by Felix Brady
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French rapper Kobo comes to London to bring his track Baltimore to life - and director Felix Brady puts the viewer at the heart of the action in this everyday story of gangster life.

Brady's clever conceit is for all the action to take place within the masked Kobo and his buddies' most significant domain - their car. The camera constantly revolves from it's position on the passenger seat, and courtesy of motion control reveals the moments of their lives that add up to make a bigger picture. And the moments tell us that it's getting harder for them all the time. 

From the director


"I'm still a little obsessed with being a fly on the wall - I love the idea of just seeing things develop from one position.

"Coming off my last Video for Col3trane I had this taste for motion control I wanted to take further. When I heard this track I knew this new technique would marry well. It allows you to tell a lot but sustain a constant a dynamic camera move - made sense! Big up everyone who worked on it."


Felix Brady
Francois Larpin
Production Company
StinkStink website
Executive Producer
Katie Lambert
Production Manager
Scarlett Barclay
1st AD
Ezra Summer
Director of Photography
Ruben Woodin Dechamps
William Pope
Nil Tomakan
Felix Brady
Joseph Bicknell
Grading company
Director's Representation
Sarah Boardman @ Hands
Amaury Feron
Justin Pentecost

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