Ama Lou 'DDD' by Ama Lou

Ama Lou 'DDD' by Ama Lou
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Rising UK R&B singer-songwriter Ama Lou directs her own video covering all three parts of her EP 'DDD'.

Shot in LA and the surrounding desert, this is an impressionistic story of a freewheeling younger in a crime ring (played by Ama), and her adventures over the course of a single day, when she's put in charge of an important, very tiny bag.

Making this nicely off-the-wall and engaging triptych was a family affair, being shot by Ama's sister, the DoP Mahalia John. And her mother, Kate John, came on board as hair and makeup artist.


Steven Boden
Ama Lou
Sam Hunt
Executive Producer
Jerald ‘Coop’ Cooper
Executive Producer
Morgan Steiker
1st AD
Danny McGuire
Director of Photography
Mahalia John
Focus Puller
James Wicks
Jake Whitehouse
Matthew Dickinson
Art Director
Taylor Robinson
Luci Ellis
Hair & Make-up
Kate John
Caroline Morin
Grading company
Ama Lou
Sound Designer
Sean Miller
Stills Photographer
Harrison Glazier
Production Assistant
Esmé Hicks
Ama Lou, Che Pope, Steven Sloan, Hazar Fermez, Tom Edwards, Lew Hopson, Alejandro Cabrera, Lara Bunta

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