Claptone 'In The Night' by Patrick Lawler

Claptone 'In The Night' by Patrick Lawler
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Patrick Lawler has created a song-and-dance spectacular in nighttime downtown LA for Claptone.

Lawler – a director, DoP, editor, motion graphics and VFX artist, at DECA Creative – engaged choreographer David Moore to create a brilliantly vibrant routine centred around a masked man representing the mysterious Claptone (who turns out he's quite the showman).

But its the location and the use of it that gives the video a special pizzazz. And it ends up with 'Claptone' and his crew dancing in the big fountain next to LA City Hall. 


From the director


"I fell in love with this location last year and have been looking for the perfect project to shoot here ever since. This was shot in Downtown Los Angeles between the Walt Disney Concert Hall and City Hall, which you can see makes an appearance a couple times in the background.

"I didn’t even realize people are encouraged to walk through the fountain until the second location scout, which changed our approach to ending the video. Greg Arch was our steadicam operator, running backwards down 23 stairs and jumping in the fountain!

"This was my first time working with choreographer David Moore and I couldn’t be more stoked with what he came up with. Watching him hold auditions, and teach 40 people this dance in half an hour blew my mind. His amount of prep was insane, shooting and editing his own reference videos and planning camera moves!

"We partnered with Charlie Lights & BriteShot to light the video. We used full RGB LED units that can be programmed to change color dynamically. The location let me choose the RGB values I wanted for the fountain lights as well. I couldn’t be happier with the way everything turned out."


Patrick Lawler
Derek Maher
Scott Bell
Production Company
Deca Creative
1st AD
Johnny Montano
2nd AC
Josh Rottman
Greg Arch
Justin Garcia
Patrick Lawler
Editing company
Deca Creative
Patrick Lawler
Patrick Lawler
Director's Representation
Las Bandas Be BraveLas Bandas Be Brave website
Claptone Character
Douglas Parr
Connor Gromley, Trayone Roundtree, Shaquan Reed, Zev York
Production Assistant
Noah Paul

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