Not3s 'My Lover' by Kirx

Not3s 'My Lover' by Kirx
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Not3s travels across the world - from the UK to Zanzibar, off the east coast of Africa – to find the girl of his dreams in Kirx's hit video for My Lover.

From the director


"When Not3s sent me over the track and briefed me that he wanted to meet up with girl abroad we knew we had to do something really different with it. We researched different places and Zanzibar stuck out for me - I wanted to immerse Not3s and the audience into another culture with real people along with beautiful backdrops. Everything from the market to the boat scenes were real - the boat even had a hole in it which Not3s had to use a bucket to empty while we weren’t shooting!

"I’m really happy with how we depicted Not3s and the lead girl's close encounter, to the climax of the video when he does finally find her, and using the dancers to elevate the mood even further to give the ending a really nice finish. This was a great experience for and always love shooting with Not3s."


Lavinia Noel
Production Company
Sugarcane Media
Executive Producer
Indiana Mookram
Director of Photography
Nate Thomas
Lavinia Noel
Arthur Graham-Maw
Director's Representation
Sugarcane Media
Lisa Foo

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