Nick Mulvey 'Mountain To Move' by Davis Silis

Nick Mulvey 'Mountain To Move' by Davis Silis
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Davis Silis brings Nick Mulvey and his band together with a big bunch of dancers in a joyful jam for Mountains To Move.

With choreography by Jonny Vieco, Silis turns his dancers into a happy gang who counterpoint the conventional band set-up of Mulvey and company with their apparent freestyle movement. The bright and breezy atmosphere is aided by the setting, the grounds of an old cigarette factory in High Wycombe.

"Crazy place, that's sort of been taken over by skaters," says Silis, who adds that although the principle of the dancers' movement were all rehearsed, new details were added in every take to add a layer of unpredictability - which posed a challenge to editor Owen O'Sullivan.

"Almost all the choreography was different in each take, so no two shots were ever the same. There were a few simple principles for how the movement needed to work, but once the camera started rolling, one dancer would lead and the others followed (for the sync stuff), which then just unfolded into the free-for-all toward the end. So the fact that Owen could make it link together that fluidity was all down to him!"




Davis Silis
Stephanie Paeplow
Production Company
Bullion ProductionsBullion Productions website
Executive Producer
Hannah Gracie
1st AD
Pedro Rilhó
Director of Photography
James Rhodes
2nd AC
Ky Brasey
Rik Burnell
Lewis Bloyce
Nayaab Tania
Hair & Make-up
Samantha Coles
Owen O'Sullivan
Editing company
Marshall Street Editors
Edwin Metternich
Grading company
Focus Puller
Luke Cairns
Director's Representation
OB ManagementOB Management website
Natalie Arnett
Jay Patel
Steve Gilbert
Asst Grip
Matt Wood
Kevin Hasham
Jakub Franasowicz, Mikey Boats, Jorrdan Lightbody, James Brown, Hannah Wilkie, Naomi Weijand, Grace Jabbari, Becky Namgauds

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