Bastien Keb 'Younger' by Bailey Tom Bailey

Bastien Keb 'Younger' by Bailey Tom Bailey
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Bailey Tom Bailey brings together the strangely dissonant, eerie tones of experimental singer Bastien Keb with an engrossing supernatural tale of young love, youthful high-jinx and a mysterious madness that takes over its protagonists.

Bailey creates a distinctively dislocated mood in his portrayal of inner city adolescence, where a teenage couple are torn apart when they come under the dark influence of the city, signified by a black liquid that flows into the streets.

"The idea came from inner city Reading where I grew up," says Bailey. "It seemed like everyone I knew or saw growing up would succumb to something that brought them down and turned them bad. I pictured this sickness coming up from the pavement and infecting our bodies, which would then affect our minds and instigate action."


Bailey Tom Bailey
Savvas Stavrou
Production Company
Bailey Tom Bailey Ltd
1st AD
Rosie Owen
Director of Photography
Felix Schmilinsky
Focus Puller
Raul Menendez
2nd AC
Malcolm Cooper, Isaac Valema
Art Director
Amy Beth Addison, Zuzannah Skurtys, Mariana Pina De Partridge
Mariana Pina De Partridge
Aurelien Boisson
Ruth Wardell
Grading company
Electric Theatre Collective
Aurelien Boisson
Rita Bernard Shaw
Malcolm Atobrah
First Word Records
Amy Beth Addison
Production Assistant
Edvin Dubrovskiy
3rd AC DIT
Robin Turner
Movi Technician/ Operator
Malcolm Cooper
Movi Operator
Adrian O'Toole
Special Thanks
Riley Madincrea, Taylor Small
Fava, Raw Creative, Pixipixel
Adbul Abdalla, Miles Hall

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