Rudimental ft James Arthur 'Sun Comes Up' by Dan Massie

Rudimental ft James Arthur 'Sun Comes Up' by Dan Massie

Dan Massie directs a stripped-back golden performance in the hills of Ibiza for Rudimental.

Shooting with a super-wide aspect ratio and a super-narrow timeframe, the stripped back performance captures the beauty of magic hour, and an intimacy that feels like a group of friends just hanging out and playing a song.

Shot on an Eco Farm deep in the hills of Ibiza, it manages to capture a summer spirit in a way you'd never normally associate with Ibiza at this time of year.


Dan Massie
Dan Massie
Production Company
Electric Light Studios
Production Manager
Jaime Fiorito
1st AD
Andy Morgan
Director of Photography
Ben Coughlan
Focus Puller
Adam Feeney
2nd AC
Katia Kush
Lee Brinkley
Danielle Oglieve
Danielle Oglieve
Scupper Jenkins
Editing company
Electric Light Studios
Jessie Jones
Grading company
Electric Light Studios
Fiona Byers
Atlantic Records

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