Denai Moore 'Desolately Devoted' by Travys Owen

Denai Moore 'Desolately Devoted' by Travys Owen
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Denai Moore is at one with nature in a beautifully-crafted showcase for Desolately Devoted by Travys Owen.

Shot in the director's native South Africa, the video makes tremendous use of the country's spectacular landscapes, but moves easily into more art directed setups. It's all working together to highlight the atmosphere, groove and fascinating instrumentation of the track.

“Travys has an incredible eye for beautiful imagery with a certain potency that’s unique to him," says Jane Third, commissioning her last video at Because Music before taking up her new role as global chief creative officer at PIAS. 

"He also has a passion for the landscape in South Africa where he lives, that meant the time spent shooting in the desert was so exciting and energising. The desert landscape is so much more diverse, dramatic and alive than I could imagined. Travys is also wonderful with artists, a kind and interesting guy to spend time with. It was a real real pleasure to shoot with him and an experience Denai and I will never forget!”


Travys Owen
Jessica Schipper
Production Company
Black Label
Executive Producer
John Hassay
Director of Photography
Michael Cleary
Jane Third
Because Music

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