Kasabian 'Vevo Off The Record: Ill Ray, Bless This Acid House, You're In Love With A Psycho' by Jack Lightfoot

Kasabian 'Vevo Off The Record: Ill Ray, Bless This Acid House, You're In Love With A Psycho' by Jack Lightfoot

Jack Lightfoot presents three slick, dazzling live videos for Kasabian as part of Vevo's Off The Record series.

Using an absolute mountain of lights, Lightfoot and his crew have created three very distinct looking performance videos that still all fall under a unified aesthetic. The addition of anamorphic lenses and a couple of steadicams turns this into a great, polished bit of live session work with a real music video flare.


From the director


"We aim to keep a similar approach for every artist across the series, but mix up the aesthetics to tailor the look and feel to each act. Here, I wanted to bring the feel of a large stage show to a smaller studio - lots of backlighting that we could control in terms of movement and colour to keep the energy high, and the looks across each track different. 

"We approached with 2 x Steadicams to get as much coverage as we could, coupled with anamorphic lenses to enhance the light flares, and create a more polished 'promo' feel." 


Jack Lightfoot
Emily Vincent
Assistant Producer
Matthew Hopper
Production Company
Blindeye FilmsBlindeye Films website
1st AD
Thomas Rawsthorn
Director of Photography
Matt Vahey
Yiannis Manolopoulos
Emilio Schlappi
1st AC
Gary Long
1st AC
Emily-jane Robinson
2nd AC
Austin Phillips
Camera Trainee
Callum Lee
Jack Knott
Lighting Board Operator
Andy Jones
Steve Hough
Kai Blamey
Alexander Archer
Kyle Rossiter
Daniel Davies
Production Assistant
James Dearden
Callum MacHattie
Director's Representation
Chloe Page at Lock It InChloe Page at Lock It In website
Edward Cooke
Claudia De Wolff, Antonio Cacciavillani

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