Polo & Pan 'Coeur Croisé' by Pablo Maestres

Polo & Pan 'Coeur Croisé' by Pablo Maestres

Pablo Maestres' gorgeous film for Polo & Pan starts out as refined as can be, but quickly devolves into something much sweatier, sexier but still just as nice to look at.

The promo, which is choreographed to perfection, takes some far-reaching influences and uses a magic potion to make them feel a little bit more... suggestive. A celebration of classic Hollywood musicals and the French New Wave in one immaculately dressed and decorated dinner party. Surreal and sexy barely begins to cover it, the best thing to do is open your mind and dive in for yourself, man.


Pablo Maestres
Laia Barot
Production Company
Frenzy Paris
Production Company
Executive Producer
Elsa Rakotoson
Executive Producer
Camille Semprez
Executive Producer
Cédric Barus
Executive Producer
Cecilia Salguero
Director of Photography
Marc Miró
Production designer
Anna Colomer
Tuixén Benet
Costume designer
Hair & Make-up
Javier Ceferino
Hair & Make-up
Alba Guillén
Carlos Font Clos
Post production company
Marc Morató
Production Manager
Aina Salarich
1st AD
Gemma Sellares

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