Joshua Burnside 'Blood Drive Remix' by Joseph Wright

Joshua Burnside 'Blood Drive Remix' by Joseph Wright

Joseph Wright juxtaposes apathy and action in this black & white docu-style narrative piece.

The video cuts between a group of teenagers idly killing time and sequences of footage from actual riots. It has the same strange teenage apathy that Spike Jonze's video for Arcade Fire's The Suburbs, only with a little more European hopelessness.

From the director

"Since Brexit, Trump and current French elections there has been an air of impending doom, I wanted to make a film that has this feeling. The quiet before the storm.
I decided, due to budget constraints, that the use of stock footage would enable us to make a larger story from the one we shot with the actors.
We wanted to add more intensity to the film by included real footage of riots. We contacted German based documentary maker Thomas Rassloff who allowed us to use some of the riots he has captured. This change in tone from the bored teenagers to the clashes reflects the songs shifts in tone. I wanted the teenagers' lack of focus and aimless activities to reflect the powerless situation they feel they are in.
The use of a square framing and black and white was a result of my increased passion for medium format photography which seems to frame the action in a conformed and direct manner."


Joseph Wright
Valentina Culley-foster
Production Company
Grin & Bear FilmsGrin & Bear Films website
Executive Producer
Lyndon Stephens
Art Director
Valentina Culley-foster
Valentina Culley-foster
Mandy Klimt
Mandy Klimt
Joseph Wright
Tom Sladko, Myra Eetgerink, Lisa Nijs
Director's Representation
Lyndon Stephens
Quiet Arch
Additional Footage
Thomas Rassloff & Mitch Martinez

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