Curse Of Lono 'Pick Up The Pieces' by Shane Davey

Curse Of Lono 'Pick Up The Pieces' by Shane Davey

Shane Davey and Curse of Lono present a personality-driven performance piece for Pick Up The Pieces.

Shot on 16mm, the cool, smoky, black and white clip eschews traditional performance arrangements in favour of cutting between single portraits of each member of the band, their individual performances addressed direct to camera. It makes for a cool and moody ensemble piece.

From the director


"This is my second video for Curse of Lono. The band and I talked about doing something stripped back and raw to marry the visual aesthetic to the song’s minimalist arrangement.

"I wanted to avoid a traditional ‘line-up and play’ performance video, as our collaboration for ‘Just My Head’ was all about the ‘live Lono’ experience. So instead, we went for these single portraits where the camera focusses on the playing and personalities of the individual band members. Early in prep, DP Ahmet Husseyin suggested shooting on 16mm, the band loved that idea so we ran with it."


Shane DaveyShane Davey website
Shane Davey
Director of Photography
Ahmet Husseyin
Focus Puller
Harry Wheeler
Romaine Foster
Beth Buxton
Shane Davey
Dan Moran
Grading company
Grading company
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Felix Bechtolsheimer
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