Videos Of The Month - March 2017

Good grief, we almost forgot the pick of the month for March. Now that just won't do. 

We couldn't let the month pass without rounding up it's glorious muisc video highlights, and there were plenty in March. The year is certainly ramping up now, with return of Gorillaz, Lorde, Kasabian, Kendrick Lamar (above), and Run The Jewels. All returned with powerful stuff.

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Videos Of The Month - February 2017

February was cold, wet and windy. It was the new world of you-know-who, and full of dread. But there were fun things, nice things. Big Baby D.R.A.M.'s video for Cute, for one. That Lemon Twigs video that led to a rather too-effusive write-up, written whilst a bit drunk, for another...

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Videos Of The Month - January 2017

January 2017. Whether you've taken to the streets, held a witty banner, shouted a slogan, or just stayed at home, head in your hands, shaking your head in disbelief.... other stuff happened too.

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Videos Of The Month - December 2016

It was the final month of a year we won't forget in a hurry. And as it turned out, there was just enough time for even more stuff before we all finally crashed into a heap in front of Doctor Who with the flu. Or was that just me?

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Most Viewed Videos on Vimeo in 2016 - as featured on Promonews

So here we are now in 2017. But having stumbled in the stats cupboard and had a look at the YouTube viewing figures for videos we featured last year, we've now rummaged a bit more and come up with this - the most viewed videos on Vimeo in 2016 (as featured on Promonews, that is).

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Most Viewed Videos on YouTube in 2016 - as featured on Promonews

Let's begin 2017 with one last look at that memorable year that has now passed into history. And this is where we rummage around our secret store of statistics for the actual viewing figures for the videos featured on Promonews in 2016, and discover which ones had the greatest number of YouTube views. 

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Promonews' Most Viewed Videos of 2016

So that was 2016, and there is really not much we want to add to what has already been said... apart from this: it's a rundown of the most viewed posts on Promonews in 2016, and therefore, in effect, the most viewed videos on the site this year.

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  • Somesuch & Co
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  • Cut+Run
  • Loose Joints
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  • My Accomplice
  • LEZ Creative
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