UK Music Video Awards 2017: Cut+Run sponsors Best Editing in a Video at UKMVAs

UK Music Video Awards 2017: Cut+Run sponsors Best Editing in a Video at UKMVAs

Top edit house Cut+Run is partnering the UK Music Video Awards 2017, sponsoring the prestigious Best Editing in a Video award at this year's show in October. 

It is the first time that Cut+Run has come on board as sponsors at the UKMVAs, the premier awards show celebrating the art and craft of music videos. It reflects the company's long association with music videos in London and beyond - and also coincides with the 20th anniversary of the founding of the company.

Established in London in 1997, Cut+Run is a multi-award winning edit house specializing in cutting short films, commercials, music videos and content. With studios in Los Angeles, New York, London, Austin and San Francisco, the company works with some of the industry’s most prolific directors on some of the industry’s most creative work. 

James Rose, Editing Partner at Cut+Run London, says: "Music videos have always offered the opportunity and freedom for good editors to express themselves, so Cut+Run’s sponsoring the Best Editor category at the UKMVAs feels a natural partnership.”

The announcement of Cut+Run's sponsorship of the Best Editing award comes as the first round of judging for this year's UKMVAs has just opened. Over 300 judges will be judging entries for categories in over 30 awards until the judging deadline of Monday, September 4th, to be followed by a second round of judging of shortlisted videos that begins later that week.

The nominations for the UK Music Video Awards 2017 will be announced in late September, and the awards ceremony and afterparty will be held at legendary venue The Roundhouse on Thursday, October 26th. Information about tickets for this year's UKMVAs is coming shortly.

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