Director’s Notes

Wzrd Yoshi 'De Nada' by XIPHI

New directing duo XIPHI - that's Melody Maker and Lauren Van Veen – have created an atmospheric showcase for Wzrd Yoshi's De Nada, set in a flat in a London tower block of a dystopian near-future that's been turned into a drugs factory.

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Actress 'X22RME' by Dan Emmerson

Dan Emmerson collaborates with Actress in the high-fashion dystopian video for X22RME.

The clip follows a figure in a welder's mask as he wanders through a brutalist world of minimalism, sculpture, football pitches and models on pedestals. The finished piece is a haunting exercise in style and communication.

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Warhola 'Jewels' by Anders Malmberg

Anders Malmberg takes a daring approach to shooting a group of talented gymnasts - painting their faces, shooting them in near-darkness in a municipal-like gym – and extracts exquisite imagery as a result, in his new video for Belgian band Warhola.   

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King No One 'Antichrist' by Alex Taylor

Alex Taylor's video for King No One is a stylised protest video with a Soviet twist.

Contrasting heavily between two opposing sides – the oppressors and the protestors – Taylor uses colour, black & white and contrasting lighting to evoke the duality of past regimes. A great aesthetic awareness shines through in the video, with considered, composed performances from the band.

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