Director’s Notes

Delorean 'Epic' by Joan Guasch

Joan Guasch's adds art to nature in his latest video for Delorean.

Firstly he spent a week in Iceland shooting the country's forbidding, breathtaking landscapes. Then he returned to his studio in Barcelona to enhance them, with a range of abstract sculptural forms in 3D that emerge from and merge with those extreme environments. 

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Wild Front 'Tumble Party' by Jake Hargreaves

Wild Front and Jake Hargreaves deliver an ice-cold performance video for Tumble Party.

Mixing recording formats and featuring some throwback roller-disco aesthetic charm, the video is part performance, part symbolism. It has to be said, there's something about watching a woman rollerskate around a 120kg block of ice that makes you ponder the infinite.

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SOHN 'Hard Liquor' by Jovan

Jovan teams up with SOHN for an intense, artful look at the circles of life for Hard Liquor.

Kicking off the New Year with a badass statement of intent, this is a black and white, high contrast look at the shapes that surround and trap us, sometimes without even realising, represented here in various ways from the introspective to the intergalactic.

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Skream 'You Know, Right' by Dan Emmerson

Dan Emmerson and DoP Deepa Keshvala team up for an excellent visual portrait shot on 16mm for Skream.

Following South London shuffling icon Mr. Shapes, the video is as much a portrait of a cultural movement as it is a portrait of a local legend. The mixture of candid shots in with the more staged compositions helps to show both the legend and the man.

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Vaults 'One Day I'll Fly Away' by Alexandra Green

Vaults' version of One Day I'll Fly Away is the soundtrack for this year's annual blockbuster John Lewis Christmas ad. It says something for the standalone video - the music video directing debut of choreographer Alexandra Green – that Buster the boxer dog's antics on his family's new trampoline are not missed.

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