Director’s Notes

giffgaff 'The Big Swim' by Sean Thompson

In the pantheon of great British commercials, there are plenty of ads that are brilliant exactly because they are beautifully imaginative, well-crafted visuals applied to a fantastic piece of music. The whole of the Levi's campaign that started with the 'Laundrette' ad in the 80s worked on that premise. That doesn't seem to happen so much now.

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Le Galaxie 'Pleasure' by Sam E. H. Hooper

Sam E. H. Hooper's directorial debut for Le Galaxie is a very cool piece of minimalist sci-fi.

Occupying an ominous black room, two protagonists wired into various machinery unplug themselves in order to connect with one another, and as they do the almost monochromatic space in which they occupy becomes considerably more colourful.

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Dead! 'Enough Enough Enough' by Ciaran Lyons

Ciaran Lyons' slaps some of his signature style onto the faces of Dead! in this technicolor cut-out performance.

Combining live action and hand-drawn elements into the same frame, Ciaran creates an energetic performance video that celebrates a rough-around-the-edges, handmade aesthetic of DIY punk energy.

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Bosco ft. St. Beauty 'Castles' by Lacey Duke

Lacey Duke and Bosco collaborate on this gorgeous celebration of Women and Atlanta from a fresh perspective.

Determined to show a side of Atlanta that's rarely celebrated in music videos, the lush-looking 16mm clip embraces a very 90s vibe, whilst still keeping its feet firmly in the present.

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