Director’s Notes

Avelino '1 In A Million' by Kaz Ove

Avelino serenades a girl in Kaz Ove's video for 1 In a Million, making her an elusive object of his desire, while bathed in neon pinks and blues. Ove alternates shots between the two protagonists, separated yet united through the music and a range of London locations.

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Island  'The Day I Die' by Claes Nordwall

London band Island pitch up in the world's weirdest diner in Claes Nordwall's video for The Day I Die.

It's an allegory on the seductive power and dangers of virtual reality. But looking at the very odd dishes created by the distracted chef may still leave you feeling as hungry as the band.

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Q&A: Cut+Run's Sam Bould on music video editing

Sam Bould has spent his career editing music videos and commercials at Big Chop and now Cut+Run London, which he joined earlier this year. Sam has cut promos for the likes of Arcade Fire, Royal Blood and Ty Dolla $ign, among others - earning himself a UKMVA nomination for best editing in the process.

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Flyte 'Faithless' by Femke Huurdeman

Femke Huurdeman's second video for Flyte features the last girl on Earth, wandering through a world turned to desert. But this is no typical dystopian narrative.

Huurdeman's video for Faithless is more like a fairytale, as the girl makes an unlikely friendship, which ultimately leads to a magical transformation. 

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